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January 2020

Dear Friends,

By mid-December we had received our allotment of snow for the season. A 27” Husqvarna snowblower is contributing to good vibes among the day-to-day operations at the lodge.

That happened – Andrew graduated. An employee of Lignotech, a Norwegian based company, he is a process engineer – chemical. The company is small enough to allow him to understand the business in a very hands-on way yet large enough that travel to Norway appears to be imminent. The local bike club is a bit overpopulated with “old” men, who hold their own on a two-wheeler and are jolly, but are not the most exciting social contacts. Ski season may prove more socially fruitful.

Zach is in his sophomore year at UW-Madison in Computer Science. Zach has a way of absorbing the essence of that which is around him – a student of life as well as books. He and a friend explored the northwest last summer – hiking and rock climbing in the national parks as well as taking in the sights of Bellingham, WA and visiting my brother, Don, and his wife, Anna.

Zach and I visited Zion National Park last spring – great hiking and sightseeing. The coral sand dunes were an unexpected find – we watched a few snowboard on sand. Snow is optimal for boards. Kanab, Utah, home of the largest no-kill animal shelter in the US, is unique town I hope to revisit.

Andy is doing well. His heart arrhythmia is under control. He is hiking long and fast enough that the dogs come back exhausted. While no longer skiing the Birkie, he is attempting to form a six-man ski team (six men on one set of very long skis – race for 100 yards or so in this Pre-Birkie event). Former Birkie buddies and others are welcome to apply.

The dogs are aging as we all are with Amanda at 10.5 yrs and the “pups” (Quie, Charlie and WallE) at 9 yrs. Walks in the woods are the most preferred activity. Charlie still (recall the emergency vehicle story of last Christmas) wanders a bit.

A summer wedding promises to bring cousins together again. Good stuff!

Happy New Year!

All the Einspaniers,
2-legged and 4-legged